What is a great contemporary option for my ceiling?

Drywall ceilings are always impressive when installed well. This type of ceiling is not only attractive, but have the bonus benefit of insulation, ensuring minimal heat loss within the room itself. A hugely positive factor is that this miracle ceiling method brings an added safety measure when it comes to fire, offering the option to add even another extra layer behind the fabrication if so desired.


My ceiling is being damaged by a leak. Do I have to have it completely replaced?

A leaking ceiling is not something to ignore. However, it doesn’t always warrant a complete replacement. After the cause of the leak is established and repaired, a professional ceiling repair assessment by a reputable company will establish this for you. Drywalling has made replacing a ceiling easier and affordable. A well-installed drywall ceiling can last a long time and provide great insulation – definitely a worthwhile option for your home or business. It is also a great noise-barrier between an upstairs floor and the lower areas of the home.


I need a new wall. Do I have to go with the traditional brick and plaster option?

Drywall construction is an easy, cost-effective type of construction in which the interior wall is applied in a dry condition without the use of mortar. It contrasts with the use of plaster, which dries after application. This type of wall-construction has become exceedingly popular in homes and businesses alike, proves versatile and low-cost, providing great decorative options and low and easy maintenance. Drywall can also be easily installed to cover damaged and ageing plastered walls – you thus avoid the costly exercise of either repairing or removing your existing wall before drywall installation.