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Underfloor Heating

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Ultimate Guide to the Various Underfloor Heating Systems in South Africa

Ultimate Guide to the Various Underfloor Heating Systems in South Africa

Discover the affordable electric and hydronic underfloor heating options available in South Africa with our ultimate guide.

Affordable Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating offers a cost-efficient and comfortable solution for home heating in South Africa.

  • It operates using electricity instead of hot water, making it easier to install and manage.

With the competitive price per square meter, it’s a popular choice among homeowners all across Cape Town and other regions of the country.

  • Retailers provide various affordable electric underfloor heating products fit for any home needs.

Moreover, electric underfloor heating is not only efficient but also provides a superior level of comfort by evenly distributing heat throughout your living spaces.

Affordable Hydronic Underfloor Heating

Hydronic underfloor heating is a highly efficient and healthy method of warming your home.

  • It uses heated water transported in pipes beneath the floor to distribute warmth evenly throughout your rooms.

Despite its higher installation costs compared to other heating methods, hydronic heating proves economical in the long run with up to 60% cheaper running expenses than electric heating.

The continuous energy price increase in South Africa encourages many homeowners to consider this option.

  • Not only does it contribute towards significant savings on electricity bills over time, it also offers exceptional comfort during colder periods and enhanced air quality within the living space.

Invest wisely in an affordable hydronic underfloor heating system today for a more comfortable tomorrow!

Head-to-Head: Electric vs. Hydronic Underfloor Heating Comparison Table

Electric Underfloor Heating Hydronic Underfloor Heating
Main Function Most suitable for heating small areas in homes. Ideal for whole-home heating.
Efficiency More efficient at heating a room compared to radiators. Similar efficiency to electric underfloor heating, but with more even heat distribution throughout the home.
Cost of Installation Typically less costly to install than hydronic systems, as it does not require piping or a boiler. Installation can be more costly due to the requirement of piping and a boiler, but running costs are typically cheaper.
Running Costs Although the cost of running electric underfloor heating compared to radiators is a common concern, it is important to assess the running costs on a like-for-like basis. Water underfloor heating is typically cheaper to run than electric underfloor heating.
Possible Dangers Dangers associated with underfloor heating are a concern and need to be taken into consideration. Similar concerns as with electric underfloor heating, but with the added need for regular boiler safety checks.

The Complete Guide to Underfloor Heating Prices in South Africa: 2023 Price List

Type of Underfloor Heating Price per m2 Running Cost per m2 (for 6 hours)
Electric Underfloor Heating R500 – R800 Varies
Hydronic Underfloor Heating R800 – R1 200 Varies based on fuel source
DIY Mesh Mats Kits R400 – R600 Dependent on actual usage

Discover the factors that influence underfloor heating costs in South Africa and find a per m2 breakdown of prices for 2023.

Underlying Influences on Underfloor Heating Costs in South Africa

  1. Type of heating system: The choice between electric and hydronic (water-based) systems can impact the cost. Electric systems tend to have lower upfront costs, while hydronic systems may require additional expenses for piping and boiler installation.
  2. Size of the area: The total square meterage of the space to be heated will affect the overall cost. Larger areas will require more materials and labor, leading to higher costs.
  3. Flooring type: Different types of flooring materials have varying compatibility with underfloor heating systems. Some materials may require additional preparation or insulation, which can increase the overall cost.
  4. Insulation quality: Proper insulation is crucial for efficient underfloor heating. If the existing insulation is inadequate, it may need to be upgraded or installed, adding to the overall cost.
  5. Installation complexity: Factors such as the presence of obstacles, uneven subfloors, or access limitations can influence installation difficulty and time required, impacting the total cost.
  6. Professional service: Hiring an experienced underfloor heating installer can ensure a high-quality installation but may come at a higher cost compared to inexperienced or DIY approaches.

Per m2 Breakdown: Underfloor Heating Costs in South Africa [Table]

The Running Rates of Underfloor Heating in South Africa

Discover the energy efficiency and cost savings of underfloor heating systems in South Africa through a comprehensive comparison with other heating options.

Harnessing Energy: The Efficiency of Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor heating systems in South Africa are highly efficient when it comes to harnessing energy.

  • These systems can reduce energy consumption by up to 15% compared to traditional heating methods.

In fact, underfloor heating is estimated to use 15-40% less energy than typical radiator systems. This means that lower air temperatures are needed to achieve the same level of comfort, resulting in significant cost savings and environmental benefits.

  • Not only is underfloor heating more energy-efficient than electric floor heating systems, but it also provides consistent and evenly distributed heat throughout the room.

So, you can enjoy a cozy and warm space without worrying about high energy bills or excessive heat loss.

Table Comparison: Running Costs of Other Heating Systems in South Africa

Heating System Installation Cost Running Cost per hour (ZAR)
Electric Underfloor Heating High Electricity cost (around R5.44 per kWh)
Hydronic Underfloor Heating High Depends on fuel source
Traditional Radiators Lower than underfloor heating Depends on fuel source
Gas Heaters Moderate Bottled gas cost (usually more expensive than electricity)
Electric Heaters Low Electricity cost (around R5.44 per kWh)

Which Floors Work Best? A Guide to Underfloor Heating Compatibility

  • Tile and stone flooring are considered the best options for underfloor heating.
  • Vinyl flooring can also work with underfloor heating, but it is important to follow installation guidelines for optimal performance and lifespan.
  • Laminate and engineered wood flooring are compatible with underfloor heating, but it is recommended to check the manufacturer’s guidelines before installation.
  • Carpet can be used with underfloor heating, but it may reduce heat transfer, so thinner carpets or those with lower tog ratings are preferable.
  • Concrete and screed floors are ideal for underfloor heating systems, as they have good heat retention properties.
  • It is important to ensure that the chosen floor covering allows efficient heat distribution from the underfloor heating system.

Top Thermostats for Underfloor Heating in South Africa

Top Thermostats for Underfloor Heating in South Africa

Discover the best thermostats for underfloor heating in South Africa and take control of your comfort.

Unveiling the Best Thermostat Types for Underfloor Heating

There are different types of thermostats available for underfloor heating in South Africa. Manual thermostats offer basic temperature control and are easy to operate.

  • Programmable thermostats allow users to set different temperatures at various times of the day, providing more flexibility.

For more advanced features, smart thermostats can be controlled remotely using a smartphone or other devices.

  • Digital programmable thermostats are also an option, capable of heating rooms to different temperatures throughout the day.

With these options available, you can choose the best thermostat type that suits your needs and preferences for efficient underfloor heating control.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Underfloor Heating in South Africa

Underfloor heating in South Africa offers several advantages.

  • It is a sustainable and economical heating system that can help reduce energy costs in the long run.

Unlike traditional radiators, underfloor heating spreads heat evenly throughout the room, providing a comfortable and consistent temperature.

  • It is also more energy-efficient compared to other heating methods, such as gas heaters or electric radiators.

Additionally, underfloor heating eliminates the need for bulky radiators, creating more space and allowing for greater flexibility in interior design.

However, there are also some disadvantages to consider. One potential drawback is the cost of installation.

  • While underfloor heating can be an investment upfront, it has become more affordable over time with various systems available on the market.

Another factor to keep in mind is inadequate room insulation, which can lead to higher running costs as heat may escape through uninsulated surfaces.

Finally, it’s important to note that retrofitting underfloor heating into existing buildings might require additional construction work.

  • Overall, underfloor heating provides many benefits including sustainability and cost-efficiency.

However, factors like initial installation expenses and insulation should be taken into account when considering this type of heating system for your South African home or property.

Why Hiring a Pro for Underfloor Heating Installation Matters

When it comes to underfloor heating installation, hiring a professional is crucial. Find out why their expertise and experience make all the difference. Read on to discover the benefits of relying on experts for your underfloor heating needs in South Africa.

What South African Underfloor Heating Installers Bring to the Table

  1. Expertise in installing a variety of underfloor heating systems, ensuring the best fit for each space.
  2. Customization of the underfloor heating system based on specific requirements and preferences.
  3. Proper installation techniques to prevent damage to flooring or the heating system.
  4. Knowledge of local building regulations and safety standards for compliant installations.
  5. Maintenance and repair services, keeping your underfloor heating system running smoothly.
  6. Guidance on the most suitable underfloor heating option for your space, based on their experience.
  7. Quick and efficient installation, saving you time and ensuring minimal disruption to your home.

Steps Involved in Installing Underfloor Heating

  1. Prepare the subfloor by ensuring it is clean and free from any debris.
  2. Lay down an insulation layer over the base of the floor to enhance heat retention.
  3. Connect the underfloor heating pipes, either electric or water – based, to the manifold.
  4. Securely fix the pipes in a continuous loop, ensuring they cover the entire floor area evenly.
  5. Connect the manifold to a power source for electric systems or to a hot water supply for water – based systems.
  6. Install a thermostat that will allow you to control and regulate the temperature of your underfloor heating.
  7. Conduct testing to ensure all connections are secure and functioning properly before proceeding.
  8. Cover the underfloor heating system with a suitable flooring material like tiles, carpet, or laminate.
  9. Once installation is complete, turn on the system gradually, allowing it to reach optimal operating temperatures slowly over time.
  10. Regularly monitor and maintain your underfloor heating system to ensure efficient and trouble – free operation.

Essential Maintenance Tips for Underfloor Heating Systems Near You

  1. Regularly inspect the thermostat settings to ensure they are accurate and functioning properly.
  2. Clean or replace the air filters in your heating unit to maintain optimal air quality and prevent dust build-up.
  3. Check for any leaks or drips in the system, as this can indicate a problem with the pipes or connections.
  4. Keep the area around your heating system clear of any obstructions, such as furniture or rugs, to allow for proper airflow.
  5. Test the heat output of your system by monitoring each zone individually to ensure consistent warmth throughout your home.
  6. Schedule an annual professional maintenance service to perform a thorough inspection and address any potential issues.
  7. Insulate your floors to prevent heat loss and improve energy efficiency, especially in rooms with colder floors like basements.
  8. Be mindful of any unusual noises coming from your system, such as banging or whistling, and report them promptly for investigation.
  9. Perform regular cleaning of the floor surfaces above the heating system to prevent dust accumulation and enhance heat transfer.
  10. Avoid using abrasive cleaning agents on the floor surfaces above the heating system, as they can damage both the flooring and pipes.
  11. Familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s guidelines and warranty information for your specific underfloor heating system.

Areas Covered by Local Underfloor Heating Companies in South Africa

Areas Covered by Local Underfloor Heating Companies in South Africa

Local underfloor heating companies in South Africa cover a wide range of regions and neighbourhoods, including Alberton, Amanzimtoti, Ballito, Benoni, Bloemfontein, Boksburg, Brackenfell, Cape Town, Centurion, Chatsworth, Durbanville and many more.

Regions Covered by Trusted underfloor heating installers

Trusted underfloor heating installers cover a wide range of regions in South Africa.

  • Whether you’re in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, or any other major city, you can rely on these professionals to provide their services.

From Pretoria to Port Elizabeth and from Bloemfontein to Benoni, there’s a trusted installer near you who can help with your underfloor heating needs.

  • No matter where you are in the country, these experts are available to ensure that your underfloor heating system is installed properly and efficiently.

So, whether you’re in Gauteng or the Western Cape, rest assured knowing that professional assistance is just a phone call away!

Local Neighbourhoods Serviced

Our team of underfloor heating installers provides services in various local neighborhoods across South Africa. Whether you live in Alberton, Amanzimtoti, Ballito, or any other area, we’ve got you covered.

  • With our expertise and experience, we can bring efficient heating solutions right to your doorstep.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of underfloor heating in your home.

Contact us today and let our professionals take care of all your installation needs.

Conclusion: Leave It to the Pros: Underfloor Heating Installation and Repair

Leave the installation and repair of underfloor heating to the experts.

  • With its cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, and ability to provide thermal comfort, underfloor heating is a smart choice for any home.

Trust the professionals to ensure a hassle-free experience and optimal performance for your underfloor heating system.


1. How does underfloor heating work?

Underfloor heating works by circulating warm water through pipes or electric cables installed beneath the floor, providing a consistent and efficient heat source throughout the room.

2. Is underfloor heating suitable for all types of flooring?

Yes, underfloor heating is compatible with various types of flooring including tile, stone, laminate, vinyl, and carpet.

  • However, it’s important to check manufacturer guidelines for specific flooring compatibility.

3. Can I install underfloor heating in an existing home?

Yes, it is possible to install underfloor heating in an existing home but it may require some modifications such as removing the existing flooring and installing insulation boards before laying down the new system.

4. Does underfloor heating save energy compared to traditional radiators?

Yes, underfloor heating is considered more energy-efficient than traditional radiators as it distributes heat evenly across the entire floor surface at a lower temperature setting resulting in reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills.